california connection

as you may or may not know, my wife and i will be transporting our lives this november and moving out west to the san francisco bay area. jbm wedding photography will be bi-coastal and our team will continue to grow on both coasts. needles to say, ash and i have visited california many times together over the past 4 years and i feel a deeper connection with every visit. the connection isn’t just to my surroundings. it’s a connection with myself. i am the best version of myself in california. i want to go out and do things that are good for me.




healthy eating.

creative expression.


leaving the east coast is going to be really hard for me but i know that california is my new home. below is an assortment of my favorite images from our random adventures on our most recent trip. they represent certain aspects that i love about the beautiful state that is california.

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ali + ryan : north creek, ny

i always look forward to going upstate for gigs. the drive is beautiful (ALWAYS take the taconic, people) and the destination is almost certainly gorgeous as well. such was the case for ali and ryan’s celebration in north creek, ny. such a quaint little train town. thank you for letting me be a part of it, guys!!

001_JM2_7166_BLOG_NOWM 002_JM2_7172_BLOG_NOWM 003_JM2_7176_BLOG_NOWM 004_JM2_7180_BLOG_NOWM 005_JM2_7222_BLOG_NOWM 006_JBM_1263_BLOG_NOWM 007_JM2_7231_BLOG_NOWM 008_JM2_7262_BLOG_NOWM 009_JM2_7269_BLOG_NOWM 010_JBM_1307_BLOG_NOWM 011_JM2_7364_BLOG_NOWM 012_JBM_1336_BLOG_NOWM 013_JM2_7452_BLOG_NOWM 014_JBM_1367_BLOG_NOWM 015_JM2_7292_BLOG_NOWM 016_JM2_7318_BLOG_NOWM 017_JM2_7391_BLOG_NOWM 018_JM2_7435_BLOG_NOWM 019_JM2_7468_BLOG_NOWM 020_JM2_7481_BLOG_NOWM 021_JM2_7490_BLOG_NOWM 022_JM2_7568_BLOG_NOWM 023_JM2_7494_BLOG_NOWM 024_JM2_7570_BLOG_NOWM 025_JBM_1446_BLOG_NOWM 026_JBM_1451_BLOG_NOWM 027_JM2_7573_BLOG_NOWM 028_JM2_7591_BLOG_NOWM 029_JBM_1458_BLOG_NOWM 030_JBM_1502_BLOG_NOWM 031_JM2_7612_BLOG_NOWM 032_JBM_1516_BLOG_NOWM 035_JBM_1543_BLOG_NOWM 036_JM2_7625_BLOG_NOWM

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erin + kyle : brotherhood winery


Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0002 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0003 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0004 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0005 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0006 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0007 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0009 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0010 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0011 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0012 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0013 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0014 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0015 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0016 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0017 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0018 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0019 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0020 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0021 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0022 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0023 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0024 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0025 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0026 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0027 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0028 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0029 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0030 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0031 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0032 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0033 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0034 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0035 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0036 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0037 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0038 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0039 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0040 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0041 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0042 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0043 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0044 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0045 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0046 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0047 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0048 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0049 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0050 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0051 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0052 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0053 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0054 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0055 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0056 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0057 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0058 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0059 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0060 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0061 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0062 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0063 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0064 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0065 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0066 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0067 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0068 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0069 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0070 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0071 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0072 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0073 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0074 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0075 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0076 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0077 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0078 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0079 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0080 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0081 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0082 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0083 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0084 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0085 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0086 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0087 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0088 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0089 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0090 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0091 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0092 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0093 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0094 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0095 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0096 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0097 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0098 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0099 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0100 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0101 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0102 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0103 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0104 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0105 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0106 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0107 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0108 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0109 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0110 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0111 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0112 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0113 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0114 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0115 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0116 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0117 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0118 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0119 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0120 Erin&Kyle_BLOG_WM_0121

shauna + eric : boothbay harbor, me

Shauna&Eric_0001 Shauna&Eric_0002 Shauna&Eric_0003 Shauna&Eric_0004 Shauna&Eric_0005 Shauna&Eric_0007 Shauna&Eric_0008 Shauna&Eric_0009 Shauna&Eric_0010 Shauna&Eric_0011 Shauna&Eric_0012 Shauna&Eric_0013 Shauna&Eric_0014 Shauna&Eric_0015 Shauna&Eric_0016 Shauna&Eric_0017 Shauna&Eric_0018 Shauna&Eric_0019 Shauna&Eric_0020 Shauna&Eric_0021 Shauna&Eric_0022 Shauna&Eric_0023 Shauna&Eric_0024 Shauna&Eric_0025 Shauna&Eric_0026 Shauna&Eric_0027 Shauna&Eric_0028 Shauna&Eric_0029 Shauna&Eric_0030 Shauna&Eric_0031 Shauna&Eric_0032 Shauna&Eric_0033 Shauna&Eric_0034 Shauna&Eric_0035 Shauna&Eric_0036 Shauna&Eric_0037 Shauna&Eric_0038 Shauna&Eric_0039 Shauna&Eric_0040 Shauna&Eric_0041 Shauna&Eric_0042 Shauna&Eric_0043 Shauna&Eric_0044 Shauna&Eric_0045 Shauna&Eric_0046 Shauna&Eric_0047 Shauna&Eric_0048 Shauna&Eric_0049 Shauna&Eric_0050 Shauna&Eric_0051 Shauna&Eric_0052 Shauna&Eric_0053 Shauna&Eric_0054 Shauna&Eric_0055 Shauna&Eric_0056 Shauna&Eric_0057 Shauna&Eric_0058 Shauna&Eric_0059 Shauna&Eric_0060 Shauna&Eric_0061 Shauna&Eric_0062 Shauna&Eric_0063 Shauna&Eric_0064 Shauna&Eric_0065 Shauna&Eric_0066 Shauna&Eric_0067 Shauna&Eric_0068 Shauna&Eric_0069 Shauna&Eric_0070 Shauna&Eric_0071 Shauna&Eric_0072 Shauna&Eric_0073 Shauna&Eric_0074 Shauna&Eric_0075 Shauna&Eric_0076 Shauna&Eric_0077 Shauna&Eric_0078 Shauna&Eric_0079 Shauna&Eric_0080 Shauna&Eric_0081 Shauna&Eric_0082 Shauna&Eric_0083 Shauna&Eric_0084 Shauna&Eric_0085 Shauna&Eric_0086 Shauna&Eric_0087 Shauna&Eric_0088 Shauna&Eric_0089 Shauna&Eric_0090 Shauna&Eric_0091 Shauna&Eric_0092 Shauna&Eric_0093 Shauna&Eric_0094 Shauna&Eric_0095 Shauna&Eric_0096 Shauna&Eric_0097 Shauna&Eric_0098 Shauna&Eric_0099 Shauna&Eric_0100 Shauna&Eric_0101 Shauna&Eric_0102 Shauna&Eric_0103 Shauna&Eric_0104 Shauna&Eric_0105 Shauna&Eric_0106 Shauna&Eric_0107 Shauna&Eric_0108 Shauna&Eric_0109 Shauna&Eric_0110 Shauna&Eric_0111 Shauna&Eric_0112 Shauna&Eric_0113 Shauna&Eric_0114 Shauna&Eric_0115

jenni + jon: port jervis, ny

Jenni&Jon_FB_001 Jenni&Jon_FB_002 Jenni&Jon_FB_003 Jenni&Jon_FB_004 Jenni&Jon_FB_005 Jenni&Jon_FB_006 Jenni&Jon_FB_007 Jenni&Jon_FB_008 Jenni&Jon_FB_009 Jenni&Jon_FB_010 Jenni&Jon_FB_011 Jenni&Jon_FB_012 Jenni&Jon_FB_013 Jenni&Jon_FB_014 Jenni&Jon_FB_015 Jenni&Jon_FB_016 Jenni&Jon_FB_017 Jenni&Jon_FB_018 Jenni&Jon_FB_019 Jenni&Jon_FB_020 Jenni&Jon_FB_021 Jenni&Jon_FB_022 Jenni&Jon_FB_023 Jenni&Jon_FB_024 Jenni&Jon_FB_025 Jenni&Jon_FB_026 Jenni&Jon_FB_027 Jenni&Jon_FB_028 Jenni&Jon_FB_029 Jenni&Jon_FB_030 Jenni&Jon_FB_031 Jenni&Jon_FB_032 Jenni&Jon_FB_033 Jenni&Jon_FB_034 Jenni&Jon_FB_035 Jenni&Jon_FB_036 Jenni&Jon_FB_037 Jenni&Jon_FB_038 Jenni&Jon_FB_039 Jenni&Jon_FB_040 Jenni&Jon_FB_042 Jenni&Jon_FB_043 Jenni&Jon_FB_044 Jenni&Jon_FB_045 Jenni&Jon_FB_046 Jenni&Jon_FB_047 Jenni&Jon_FB_048 Jenni&Jon_FB_049 Jenni&Jon_FB_050 Jenni&Jon_FB_051 Jenni&Jon_FB_052 Jenni&Jon_FB_053 Jenni&Jon_FB_054 Jenni&Jon_FB_055 Jenni&Jon_FB_056 Jenni&Jon_FB_057 Jenni&Jon_FB_058 Jenni&Jon_FB_059 Jenni&Jon_FB_060 Jenni&Jon_FB_061 Jenni&Jon_FB_062 Jenni&Jon_FB_063 Jenni&Jon_FB_064 Jenni&Jon_FB_065 Jenni&Jon_FB_066 Jenni&Jon_FB_067 Jenni&Jon_FB_068 Jenni&Jon_FB_069 Jenni&Jon_FB_070 Jenni&Jon_FB_071 Jenni&Jon_FB_072 Jenni&Jon_FB_073 Jenni&Jon_FB_074 Jenni&Jon_FB_075 Jenni&Jon_FB_076 Jenni&Jon_FB_077 Jenni&Jon_FB_078 Jenni&Jon_FB_079 Jenni&Jon_FB_080 Jenni&Jon_FB_081 Jenni&Jon_FB_082 Jenni&Jon_FB_083 Jenni&Jon_FB_084 Jenni&Jon_FB_085 Jenni&Jon_FB_086 Jenni&Jon_FB_087 Jenni&Jon_FB_088 Jenni&Jon_FB_089 Jenni&Jon_FB_090 Jenni&Jon_FB_091 Jenni&Jon_FB_092 Jenni&Jon_FB_093 Jenni&Jon_FB_094 Jenni&Jon_FB_095 Jenni&Jon_FB_096 Jenni&Jon_FB_097 Jenni&Jon_FB_098 Jenni&Jon_FB_099 Jenni&Jon_FB_100 Jenni&Jon_FB_101 Jenni&Jon_FB_102 Jenni&Jon_FB_103 Jenni&Jon_FB_104 Jenni&Jon_FB_105 Jenni&Jon_FB_106 Jenni&Jon_FB_107 Jenni&Jon_FB_108 Jenni&Jon_FB_109 Jenni&Jon_FB_110 Jenni&Jon_FB_111 Jenni&Jon_FB_112 Jenni&Jon_FB_113 Jenni&Jon_FB_114 Jenni&Jon_FB_115 Jenni&Jon_FB_116 Jenni&Jon_FB_117 Jenni&Jon_FB_118 Jenni&Jon_FB_119 Jenni&Jon_FB_120 Jenni&Jon_FB_121 Jenni&Jon_FB_122 Jenni&Jon_FB_123 Jenni&Jon_FB_124 Jenni&Jon_FB_125 Jenni&Jon_FB_126 Jenni&Jon_FB_127 Jenni&Jon_FB_128 Jenni&Jon_FB_129 Jenni&Jon_FB_130 Jenni&Jon_FB_131 Jenni&Jon_FB_132 Jenni&Jon_FB_133 Jenni&Jon_FB_134 Jenni&Jon_FB_135 Jenni&Jon_FB_136 Jenni&Jon_FB_137 Jenni&Jon_FB_138 Jenni&Jon_FB_139 Jenni&Jon_FB_140 Jenni&Jon_FB_141 Jenni&Jon_FB_142 Jenni&Jon_FB_143 Jenni&Jon_FB_144 Jenni&Jon_FB_145 Jenni&Jon_FB_146 Jenni&Jon_FB_147 Jenni&Jon_FB_148 Jenni&Jon_FB_149 Jenni&Jon_FB_150 Jenni&Jon_FB_151 Jenni&Jon_FB_152 Jenni&Jon_FB_153 Jenni&Jon_FB_154 Jenni&Jon_FB_155 Jenni&Jon_FB_156 Jenni&Jon_FB_157 Jenni&Jon_FB_158 Jenni&Jon_FB_159 Jenni&Jon_FB_160 Jenni&Jon_FB_161 Jenni&Jon_FB_162 Jenni&Jon_FB_163 Jenni&Jon_FB_164 Jenni&Jon_FB_165 Jenni&Jon_FB_166 Jenni&Jon_FB_167 Jenni&Jon_FB_168 Jenni&Jon_FB_169 Jenni&Jon_FB_170 Jenni&Jon_FB_171 Jenni&Jon_FB_172


jbm wedding photography had so much fun meeting couples and making new friends in the local wedding industry at this fall’s brooklyn based wedding crashers event at 501 union. the event was fantastic and everyone’s table looked freaking amazing. it’s such an honor to be part of such an incredibly talented (and cool) network of  professionals.


my amazing wife put together JBM wedding photography’s table (again!) for the evening. couldn’t do any of this stuff without her!


had to represent with some polaroids.


kiss me!

JM2_1042_FB JM2_1043_FB

our new albums are so dope. chocolate leather, embossed and custom layouts on every page. SWEEEET.


of course, patina vintage rentals had a killer living room setup for the “ask a professional” portion of the evening.


i have to point out how cute michelle edgemont’s designs were.


see!? michelle also did some lovely visuals for love + brain films.


i feel sorry for anyone who didn’t get to partake in what these food trucks had to offer. delish.


oh my god! is that amber of amber gress photography and courtney of love + brain films? they’re such a killer team. and check out that floral power suit!


i really liked the way that amber setup her table. and who doesn’t enjoy a gluten free vegan cake bite?


yes, that is a functioning rolleiflex. so jealous….


that love + brain films backdrop is a michelle edgemont original.


jove meyer of jove meyer events showing off his wedding flair.


jove’s tables always look awesome.


viva max of viva max weddings ready to field questions.


courtney and ash chatting it up with the illustrious sean doing his thing.


just a few of the treats available from naturally delicious.


the girls of rose red & lavendar. they had THE COOLEST giveaways. tiny air plants (my favorite!) with their cards attached. brilliant!


o yea, frida kahlo was in the house, too.


i have to say, the girls of lion in the sun had one of my favorite tables. very elegant and tasteful. pulled me right in!


anyone who has seen our wedding photos knows that we love drawstring bags with prints! melissa mcneeley of melissa mcneeley events had some amazing giveaways.

JM2_1103_FB JM2_1111_FB

really enjoyed my chat with molly of molly oliver flowers.


this looks exactly like our wedding cake! ovenly had some tasty treats out for everyone.


birds eye view of the space. it was wonderful to see 501 union full of people!



loren michelle of naturally delicious taking her spot in the “ask an expert” booth.


jove enjoying a chat with erin of 501 union.


lucy music had a great lineup for everyone’s listening pleasure.

JM2_1157_FB JM2_1167_FB

the outdoor space looked rad with that living room setup.


fantastic light in here. can’t wait to start shooting weddings at 501 union!

JM2_1179_FB JM2_1181_FB

a lovely couple enjoying our new album.


thea of hushed commotion and the entwined event made an appearance!



yes, this happened. the red hook lobster pound killed it with these lobster rolls.


mexicue representing.


frites ‘n’ meats has a customer.



lion in the sun has a great look.


making drinks with pavan liqueur.

JM2_1233_FB JM2_1245_FB JM2_1250_FB

kara of 501 union with some prospective clients.


that’s a wrap!

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