501 union open house

on wednesday night, we had the pleasure of representing jbm wedding photography in the very first 501 union open house. we are so excited to have this incredible new event space right down the street from our house! we’re even MORE excited to be on their well-curated (if i do say so, myself) preferred vendor list. also, if you check out their website i think you’ll notice some familiar images 🙂


had such a great time setting up our table with the help of my hot wife, ash. i just take the pictures. i’m really grateful to have her support when the time comes to make things look freaking adorable. loved our table!


of course we had to incorporate some of my favorite polaroids into the mix. we even took some impromptu portraits of cute couples right on the spot! i think they had a good time, too.501UNION_OPENHOUSE_BLOG_WM_0003

what? these look amazing? thank you! we burned the midnight oil cutting, stamping and stuffing these and it was so worth it! i’m not going to lie, i’m very proud of myself for imaging these babies. inside you’ll find my pricing, ash’s pricing for hair and makeup, an explanation of my services, a beautiful jbm wedding photography postcard and a lovely biz card.


had to share some of my old camera collection.

it was great meeting other brooklyn vendors like jove meyer. he had an awesome setup and even included a vintage camera on the table!


have to give a shout out to his awesome take aways. not only did he use rubber stamps (woot woot!) but he stuffed them with candy. that’s good business!


501 has such a great look.


finally got to meet some of the team over at patina vintage rentals. they brought some amazing pieces for the new space. and who doesn’t love a delicious piece of good ol’ fashioned blueberry pie? it’s almost like cheating when you’re trying to get a potential client’s attention. thanks for the yummies blue smoke!


nom nom nom.501UNION_OPENHOUSE_BLOG_WM_0014

the space wouldn’t have been complete without the beautiful floral arrangements by denise fasanello. she even gave us some greens for our table. so nice!501UNION_OPENHOUSE_BLOG_WM_0015couldn’t get over this love seat from patina. i want one!

we were all thankful for the tunes by dj ryan rasheed of because the night. no joke, the very first song he played was from one of ash’s and my wedding playlists (we had 7!).501UNION_OPENHOUSE_BLOG_WM_0017

my associate shooter, john, and my wife, ash, representing for jbm wedding photography. best team ever!501UNION_OPENHOUSE_BLOG_WM_0018

can’t wait for our first wedding at this incredible space!

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